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Clean Knights App

This project consisted of the design and development of "Clean Knights", a mobile application aimed at revolutionizing the cleaning services market. The focus was to connect customers with cleaning service providers directly and efficiently.

Initial situation

The client, an entrepreneur, approached us with his idea of creating an application for the cleaning services market. He had conducted a market analysis and viewed the concept as a viable opportunity. The idea was to create an Uber-type system for cleaning services, allowing users (customers and service providers, called "knights") to interact directly without the need for intermediaries.

Solution Development

Our team designed a solution composed of two mobile applications and a basic administration panel. This panel allows the management of service prices, commissions and other essential aspects for the operation of the business.

The two mobile applications, one for clients and one for knights, facilitate the creation of profiles and interaction between users. Clients can request cleaning services (such as cleaning cars, houses, offices, etc.) while knights can choose the jobs they want to perform. A notable feature is the display of available services on a map, making the selection and assignment of tasks more convenient and visual.

Launch and Expectations

“Clean Knights” is scheduled to launch in June 2024 in New Jersey, USA. This app not only seeks to simplify the process of hiring cleaning services but also offer a reliable and easy-to-use platform for both clients and customers. for service providers.

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