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At Precise Future, we combine innovation and technology to offer tailored software solutions. We specialize in creating efficient and scalable systems, using the most advanced and recommended technologies according to the specific requirements of each project. From mobile apps to complex web platforms, our expert team is ready to bring your ideas to reality.

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Custom Software Development: Innovative Solutions for your Business

Advanced and Flexible Technologies

We use Flutter for mobile app development, providing native compatibility with iOS and Android. For web development, we adapt to your specific needs, using WordPress, Vue, React or pure JavaScript.

Serverless Backend

Our focus on serverless backends with AWS Lambda ensures extreme modular development. This not only improves system efficiency and scalability, but also reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Complete Customization

Each project is unique, and our process focuses on understanding and meeting the specific needs of your business. From the conceptualization phase to launch, we work closely with you to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your software stays up to date, secure, and running smoothly.


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Innovate with us: Discover the power of software tailored for your business.

Frequent questions

What advantages does Flutter offer for mobile application development?

Flutter is a highly efficient and versatile mobile app development platform. It allows the development of native applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. This means we can create apps that feel completely natural on both operating systems, with reduced development time and costs. Additionally, Flutter is known for its fast performance and wide range of widgets and tools that enable detailed customization and a great user experience.

How do you handle scalability and security in serverless backend development?

We use AWS Lambda for our serverless backend developments, allowing us to build highly scalable and secure systems. Following AWS best practices, our approach is focused on security and optimization from the beginning of the project. Serverless architecture allows us to quickly adapt to changes in demand and scale efficiently without sacrificing security.

What processes do you follow to understand and adapt to the specific requirements of a software project?

Our process begins with a detailed assessment of the client's needs. We analyze information requirements, workflows and project expectations. Then, we design a customized solution that aligns with these requirements, using the most appropriate technology for each case. Constant communication with our clients is key to ensuring that the final product meets their expectations and needs.

How does Precise Future ensure that a mobile app is equally efficient on iOS and Android?

When developing with Flutter, we ensure efficiency on both platforms by using its native build approach. This means that the code is optimized and adapted for each platform, ensuring smooth performance and seamless integration with specific iOS and Android features. Our development team also performs extensive testing on both operating systems to ensure consistency and quality of performance.

What kind of support and maintenance do you offer once the software is up and running?

During development and after software release, we follow a preventive maintenance approach, based on AWS best practices. This means we work proactively to identify and resolve potential problems before they occur. Our modular development and use of broadly supported dependencies also contribute to this approach. We offer ongoing support and updates to ensure the software remains secure, efficient and up-to-date.

Do you offer mobile game development services?

At Precise Future, we specialize in the development of applications focused on information management and we do not offer mobile game development services. Our focus is on creating robust and scalable software solutions that help companies efficiently manage their data and operational processes.