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GODOT Magazine Awards

In this project, the development of a WordPress website was carried out for the promotion and public voting of the GODOT 2023 Awards.

Initial situation

When the project began, each year voting was carried out on the same website, which presented two problems: 

  1. On the one hand, the volume of visits during the awards made the site become too slow.
  2. The possibility of customization in terms of sections and operation of the awards was quite limited because the main objective of the magazine was not exactly the same as that of the awards, so some of the magazine's own functionalities became slower. that you had to detect whether you were in the awards period or not.


A website was developed that responded to the business requirements, specifically the intention of the user seeking to participate in the GODOT Awards.

As part of the solution, several plugins were developed on both websites (GODOT Magazine and GODOT Awards) and specific functionalities in AWS that resulted in the fulfillment of business objectives and a smooth transition for the work team that did not require any extra effort.

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