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In this project, the migration of an OVH website to AWS was carried out. The main objective of the project was the reduction of website downtime, added to the possibility of simple recovery in case of loss of the database.

Initial situation

The client contacted us because their website had several downtimes a day, at times downtimes lasting more than an hour. The audit carried out on the website resulted in the crashes occurring mainly in 2 moments or due to 2 factors mainly.

  1. Peak visits to the website: The server ran out of enough ram to handle all visits simultaneously. It should be taken into account that it is a website that uses many images.
  2. WordPress Corn Jobs: Some of the Cron Jobs required performing quite complex queries to the database, this combined with a minimum of visits was enough to cause another crash


The web site was migrated to the customer's own AWS account. Where the site was hosted on a Lightsail instance, the server selected had slightly better features than the previous provider offered for about 70% in price. After carrying out the migration, wp-cron.php was blocked to prevent it from being executed every time a user connected and a cron job was created outside of WordPress, which is responsible for executing wp-cron.php every hour. . With this, the server went from several crashes a day to approximately a week, which with our maintenance service was resolved in less than 15 minutes. With this, a patch was put on the client's situation in a short time.

Later with this client, other services were developed such as the redesign of the GODOT Magazine website and the integration of this website with our CDN for image optimization that completely eliminated website crashes.

Service:WordPress migration to AWS
Duration:7 days
Tools:, , , ,
Service categories:
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