Precise Future

GODOT Web Magazine

In this project, the design and development of the Godot Magazine WordPress website was carried out.

Initial situation

At the time of starting the magazine it has gone through several periods of development that have brought it to where it is. However, each of the previous developments had an expiration date since the growth and success of a business in non-scalable environments is accompanied by the need to have more and more resources to satisfy the needs of users.

The best solution in this sense is cloud services since, if managed intelligently, they are highly scalable, secure and economical. In this sense, the magazine has implemented a first part by migrating its website to AWS.

In the last update our team managed to stabilize the situation of the website by completely eliminating server crashes but this again has an expiration date and some difficulties in the management carried out by the magazine's work team.

Although on the one hand, the speed with which you can work in the administration panel was improved and server outages were currently eliminated at 100%, on the other hand there is the deficiency that it was necessary to eliminate any work that WordPress performs such as checking for new updates, scheduling posts, and WordFence inspections.

By stabilizing the website, it is guaranteed that the service can be maintained for users, but Godot Magazine has reached a volume of data, together with periods of discontinuous and shallow maintenance that have caused the website to have practically completely lost the ability to have new functionalities since minimal changes to the database (which all plugins do) can bring new server crashes.

Most important changes

  • Update of the current design to mobile devices that guarantees adequate space for ads in all sections of the website.
  • This first website would maintain all the posts, the billboard, ranking of works on poster and its database would only have the works on poster.
  • Radical improvement of site health and technical SEO for a considerable increase in the number of visits.
  • Digital magazine delivered in pdf format to facilitate opening and downloading from mobile devices.
  • For the Godot Magazine team, the operation would be the same, the only changes would be in the way the ads are created.


A highly scalable system is created over time. Most of the system is managed through AWS cloud services, which greatly facilitates its growth, security and long-term stability, so only with the appropriate preventive maintenance that our work team would manage, it is guaranteed that There will be no need for any notable upgrades in the next 5 years.

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