Precise Future

GODOT Works Magazine

In this project, the development of a web application with an advanced search engine for the Godot Magazine website was carried out.

Service description

This web application has a works search engine. Both the works that are on the bill and those that are not are available here. The search engine will allow searching by each of the attributes of a work (cast, company, genre, date, etc.). This application does not require updating by the magazine team since every time a work is published or updated on the website, all its information will be passed to this web application automatically.


A highly scalable system is created over time. Most of the system is managed through AWS cloud services, which greatly facilitates its growth, security and long-term stability, so only with the appropriate preventive maintenance that our work team would manage, it is guaranteed that There will be no need for any notable upgrades in the next 5 years.

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