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Leaf Litter Dance

In this project, the design and development of the Hojarasca Danza WordPress website was carried out.

Website Development

  • Migration from the current hosting to maintain all the content that the site currently has.
  • Customer Submitted WordPress Theme Application
  • Adaptation of the theme to the client's requirements
  • Guaranteeing search engine performance similar to the previous site or better.
  • Reduction of waiting times when navigating from one screen to another to improve the user experience.
  • Facilities for loading and including new content on the website

All of the above was hosted on Cloud hosting in AWS, guaranteeing the security, performance and scalability of the project.


1- Website developed in WordPress with the mentioned characteristics for which it will be necessary to include during development:

  • Lazy loading of static content
  • Progressive web application for optimal performance on mobile devices and increased direct visits without distractions from competitors or search engines

2- Self-managed hosting in the Amazon Web Services Cloud that allows the server to be extremely light and offer minimal response times. Our architecture includes the following:

  • Server with 1GB of RAM, 40GB of SSD storage space, and 2TB for file transfer
  • External storage space for static content to further streamline the server and decrease response times
  • High coverage content delivery network (CDN) with image caching

3- SSL certificate for the site and the CDN

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