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How to edit buttons in WordPress with Elementor

Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that allows you to easily edit and customize the elements of your website, including buttons. Below I provide you with a basic guide on how to edit buttons in WordPress using Elementor:

Access Elementor:

  • Go to the WordPress “Desktop”.
  • Navigate to “Pages” and select the page you want to edit.
  • Click “Edit with Elementor”.

Select the Button:

  • In the Elementor interface, find the button you want to edit and click on it.
  • If you haven't added a button yet, you can do so by dragging the "Button" widget from the left panel to the desired section on your page.

Edit Text and Link:

  • In the left panel, you'll see editing options for the button.
  • In the “Content” tab, you can change the “Text” of the button and the “Link” it points to.

Edit Button Style:

  • Go to the “Style” tab where you can modify various elements of the style.
  • Color: Change the color of the text and background.
  • Typography: Adjust the size, font and style of the text.
  • Border: Defines the type, width and radius of the border.
  • Shadow: Add a shadow to the button if desired.
  • You can also set different styles for the normal and hover states (when the cursor is over the button).

Add Animations:

  • In the “Advanced” tab, you can add animations to the button.
  • Select the desired animation and adjust the duration and delay according to your preferences.

Add Custom CSS:

  • If you have knowledge of CSS, you can add custom code.
  • In the “Advanced” tab, find the “Custom CSS” section and add your code there.

Save Changes:

  • Once you're done editing the button, click the green "Refresh" button at the bottom of the left panel to save your changes.

Additional Tips:

  • Responsive: Be sure to check how the button looks on different devices using the responsive preview options at the bottom of the Elementor panel.
  • Testing: It's always a good idea to test buttons to make sure the links work correctly and the design is attractive.
  • Templates: Consider saving your button as a template if you plan to use a similar design on other parts of your website.


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