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El Riojano Pastry Shop Marketing on Social Networks

La Pastelería El Riojano, a company recognized for its excellent pastries, experienced notable growth in its digital presence thanks to our marketing and management strategy on social networks. Despite having existing accounts on Instagram and Facebook, its activity was limited and it was unable to attract a significant audience. Our intervention focused on revitalizing these platforms, increasing posting frequency and customer engagement, resulting in a significant increase in followers and brand recognition.

Initial situation

Pastelería El Riojano, with its indisputable quality in pastry products, faced a challenge in the digital sphere: its Instagram and Facebook accounts were underused, with very few publications per year and a small number of followers. This limited digital activity restricted its reach and potential to engage with a broader audience, which in turn stunted its growth in an increasingly digitally inclined market. The lack of a coherent and dynamic social media marketing strategy prevented the bakery from fully capitalizing on seasonal marketing opportunities and building a strong online community.


Our solution to boost La Pastelería El Riojano's digital presence involved a complete revitalization of its Instagram and Facebook accounts. We established a consistent content calendar with three weekly posts, designed to not only increase the visibility of the bakery, but also to encourage greater interaction and building an online community.

The varied content included product highlights, stories behind their creations, and seasonal product promotions, which generated greater engagement and a deeper connection with customers. In parallel, we implemented a paid advertising strategy on social networks, focused on highlighting specific products according to the season, maximizing visibility and interest during key periods.

Constant monitoring and analysis of these activities ensured that we adjusted strategies based on audience response and preferences, keeping the bakery relevant and attractive to its followers.

As a result, La Pastelería El Riojano not only increased its fan base on social media, but also significantly strengthened its brand image. This greater visibility and interaction contributed to attracting new customers and building loyalty among existing ones, boosting sales and elevating its position in the market.


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