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Marketing and online growth strategies with Precise Future

Our service: Marketing and growth strategies aims to increase the online sales of our clients.

It is possible that you have identified that your company has managed to grow in recent years and yet, there came a time from which it could not grow any more. When this happens, does it mean that you have reached maximum market share? It could be, but it is highly unlikely. 

Most commonly, growth has stalled because you need other approaches to reach new customers. These approaches refer mainly to knowing the characteristics of new consumers and knowing the characteristics of consumers who are with your competition. Whether you are a market leader or not, you should be aware of the following: 

  • new opportunities in general
  • new ways to deliver your products and/or services
  • variation in competition prices
  • new change agents appearing and what characteristics have made them become change agents
  • The channels and forms of advertising that give results to your competition
  • characteristics of the environment that can affect your market share either positively or negatively

Our online marketing and growth strategies service is designed primarily for:

  1. companies that already carry out digital marketing actions, both internally and through a digital marketing agency
  2. digital marketing agencies that have identified the need to implement Business Intelligence (BI) tools aimed at marketing actions.

In both cases, companies that are aware of their market share and are interested in increasing it.

To achieve this at Precise Future we divide the service into 2 stages:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Planning

Everything that I explain to you in this article can be implemented in your company, business, venture... yourself. Next, I explain how we do it in Precise Future for our clients and if you are interested you can request the service at this link.

Diagnosis and planning

When a company is interested in this service, we schedule a first meeting to find out exactly what it is looking for.

It is possible that you have already carried out this analysis internally and you only need help in the implementation, if so, you can write to us specifically requesting what you need through this link. 

Initial meeting

In the initial meeting, our team will ask you several questions that will help you determine the magnitude and scope of the project to be carried out. We always recommend that a person responsible for the marketing area who has knowledge of digital marketing, understands the model, be present at the meeting of business in detail and have sufficient authority in the company to provide our work team with the internal information that we may need.

After this meeting, the preparation of the budget begins. To obtain this budget, our team will carry out several analyses.

Schedule initial meeting

  • Initial analysis of the competition: it is a broad analysis that allows us to make an outline of the level of difficulty of the market
  • market volume
  • Competitive price reference


The elaboration of the budget should not take us more than 72 hours after which the cost associated with our services will be sent to you. 

Once the budget is approved we send you: 

  • service provision contract
  • confidentiality agreement for both parties

After completing the previous topics, the diagnosis begins to be developed in more depth. During this stage it is important that you see us as part of your company since to achieve good results we will need support from your work team and access to company information.


During diagnosis, a internal analisis. For the development of this we will need the following information:

  • products and services you offer
  • quality features
  • current actions carried out in digital marketing
  • planning done so far

On the other hand, the current positioning of the company, its organic and paid presence in Google and social networks are studied.

In parallel, a External analysis whose main objective is to characterize the market, competitors and customers.

External analysis

We focus external analysis on the search for facts that can be considered opportunities or threats for the company. For this, we develop a market study that includes the benchmarking of the client's prices against those of its main competitors, growth quadrant, search for unattended market niches (new or very specific), analysis of sales seasonality and alternatives to face it. , technical analysis of the websites of the competition and that of our client, online reputation analysis, among others.


With the above information, the objectives for the next 4 quarters are established.

Then the necessary strategies are determined to achieve those objectives and the specific actions to be developed in each one. 

The Digital Marketing plan that we will deliver to you at the end has the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Internal Analysis Conclusions: Marketing plan actions that can only be developed internally in your business and that are directly related to the quality characteristics of the products or services you offer
  • External analysis: 
    • Summary
    • Insights that we have found with the analysis carried out, highlighting the opportunities and threats
  • Objectives: The proposal of achievable objectives for the business and the costs associated with their implementation are presented. 
  • Strategies to achieve the objectives: The ways that can be used to achieve the objectives are explained.
  • Specific actions: Each of the proposed actions is explained and how they influence compliance with the plan.
  • Critical indicators: The KPIs are presented through which the fulfillment of the objectives can be monitored, emphasizing the indicators that are critical to comply with the planning. 

If you have already managed to identify how our service can help your company (or your clients) you can schedule the first meeting here. This first one has no cost to you.

What is the cost of the service?

It varies depending on the analyzes you want to hire, however, the cheapest option we offer is €650 and the most complete is €1,700. 

In addition, if you contract the implementation of the plan with our team, 50% is discounted from the cost of the marketing plan


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