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The best hosting: what happens and doesn't happen if you use it


This is the fourth article in the series “In search of the Best Hosting”. My name is Workalibur and I am a 55 year old entrepreneur. Data analyst apprentice, big data and business intelligence. Freelance gentleman of the 21st century in search of a Precise Future for my children. I thank Precise Future for the opportunity to guest post on your blog and release you from all responsibility for any errors I may make in my articles.

I want to create a successful and high performing digital business. It will be a blog to help digital business entrepreneurs looking for the best hosting. But also to those who are looking for the best digital marketing agency, the best community manager and so on for everything else that can help an entrepreneur.

The dilemma of finding the best hosting

I have started with the hosting category, processing thousands of positive and negative opinions about more than 50 companies. This leads me to an internal debate about ethical and legal issues. Because I want to earn money as an affiliate and at the same time maintain the objectivity of the analysis. I also want to show readers all the good things I find about each host without being biased by any one.

It is even more difficult to show the warnings or alarms that customers give about the bad experiences they have in a hosting. Well, I would like to be as impartial and objective as possible when communicating them, avoiding negative publicity.

The solution

I have finally found a way to communicate the results of my search while maintaining the objectivity and neutrality of the analysis. Therefore, here you will not find positive or negative publicity about any particular hosting. But somehow they will all be reflected.

I am going to communicate the results using the concept of the ideal hosting, which has all the good qualities of real hosting and none of the bad qualities of real hosting.

This concept helps me to show everything I would like and what I would not like to find in a real hosting.

General characteristics of the best hosting

Availability and bandwidth

The best hosting is the one whose customers are most satisfied. can have a availability only from 99.1% instead of 99.99%. can offer a bandwidth of 10 thousand visits/month instead of unlimited bandwidth. Which is very easy to write, but impossible to accomplish, because every server has limited bandwidth.

Customer Support

The customer support team is not on call 24/7/365, but you hardly ever have to call them because they are proactive. In the best hosting they are not behind the issues, but by making sure they don't happen.

But if you still need to contact them, the team is there for you instantly. Because they are never saturated. They are professional, patient, friendly and have a vocation for service.

You never receive bad treatment, nor do they get upset by your doubts and inexperience.


The best hosting cares about your project. Has flexible and scalable plans so that the hosting resources are distributed efficiently among the clients. In this way, each client pays for the resources they consume and really need for their project.

Hiring, collections and payments of the best hosting

in the aspect of contracting, collections and payments, the best hosting leaves you free to terminate your contract whenever you want. Of course, in less than 72 hours you get your money back.

This rarely happens, precisely because know the problems and needs of your project before you know it yourself.

They are not magicians, nor fortune tellers. They have simply gathered all the experience that they already have on web projects and have made it available to their entire team.

degree of satisfaction

The description that I have just made of the best hosting I have extracted from the analysis of more than 4 thousand opinions in Spanish about 14 hosting companies. I have processed these reviews using sentiment analysis tools.

My goal is to detect the main causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customers.


The concept of better hosting has helped me to show a bit of the good and the bad that happens in a real hosting. I have not invented anything I have written. I have extracted it from opinions of different real hostings mixed randomly and substituting the references to names of hostings by the word company.

Data analysis for commercial purposes is almost a nonsense. Because the first must be objective and impartial. While the second falls into the field of income, earnings, survival and anything goes.

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