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The best hosting according to the satisfaction of its clients

At the moment I am not affiliated with any hosting company. I am analyzing data to find the best hosting. For this I have considered the reviews of analysts and experts. But above all I am interested in finding the best hosting according to the satisfaction of its clients expressed in their opinions.

Hosting tailored to the project

The project

Suppose I live in Spain, but I have discovered a niche market in the Spanish-speaking community in Australia. I did my homework as an entrepreneur. Business idea, business model, market study, business plan, brand design, web design. I have an estimate of the number of visitors my site will have in the first year. I have an estimate of the number of pages, images and content it will have.

Now I go out looking for the best domain and the best hosting, because if I had done it before I would have immobilized resources inefficiently. In other words, how do I choose a domain name without having studied the market or a hosting plan without knowing the requirements of my project? How do I know which region I want to host my site in, if I don't know where my customers are? How do I design and develop a website without having a brand image? On the progress?

Am I aware that more than 90% of digital businesses have not reached their fifth year of life? Why will it be?

The best hosting

I call the best hosting by phone. Instantly, a person greets me and identifies himself by giving the name of the company and his personal name or brand. For education I answer and also give my name. From then on and throughout the relationship, this person and any member of the team call me by name.

How can we serve you? I explain that I have a web project and I want to buy a domain and hosting. From that moment on, a dialogue develops that will be maintained throughout the life cycle of my digital business. In this dialogue, my interlocutor is genuinely interested in finding the best hosting for my project in each phase of its development.

The scalable and personalized plan

In the first year I'm going to pay for disk space as if my site had 20 pages. I'm going to pay as if I received 1000 visits per month. I'm going to pay for three email addresses that I'm hardly going to use. But these are the objectives that I intend to achieve shortly before the end of the year. In other words, I am immobilizing resources that I am not really going to fully use until the end of the year. That's why it might be good to start with shared hosting.

In the second year I will review my goals and then we will scale the plan. It is then that we will consider a VPS depending on the growth of my digital business. I'm happy to only pay for the resources I need in each phase of my digital business lifecycle. I'm surprised they didn't want to sell me at all costs on a plan and a bunch of extras that I won't be using this first year. But that does not happen in the best hosting.

oh! I forgot. My interlocutor explained to me that they do not have their own servers in Australia and that the best solution they can offer me is through their servers in Hong Kong. The other alternative that they offer me is through the servers of their partners in Australia.

In both cases, the solution includes the CDN service to reach the rest of the world. I still don't know what it is. But it is the only company that, instead of insisting that it has its own servers in Spain, has been interested in knowing where my clients are. Because the objective of the geographical location of the servers is that they are close to my clients, not me.

A ranking of 14 hosting companies


Before showing the ranking of the best hosting I want to say that it is not definitive. Because I will continue looking for all the hosting companies that have more than 30 opinions in Spanish on independent sites. I started with Truspilot and HostAdvice from where I extracted the reviews in Spanish of 14 companies.

I identified in the 4450 opinions the aspects that produce the greatest satisfaction and dissatisfaction in customers. For each aspect I grouped the words that customers use. For example: price, expensive, cheap, unbeatable, went up, discount, are words that I grouped in the price aspect.

I then calculated the valuation by aspect and the average valuation for each company. In this way it is possible to know for each company not only what is the general valuation. But also what is the assessment in each aspect.

The ranking of the best hosting

ranking of the best hosting

The words content, happy, calm, satisfied, satisfied, frustrated I grouped them into the feeling aspect or degree of customer satisfaction.

The words service, support, customer, problems, attention, problem, technical, ticket are among those that I grouped in the customer service aspect.

In the aspect contracting, collections and payments I grouped the words contract, collection, payment, charge, plan, credit.

The word price, together with others such as expensive, cheap, I grouped them under the price aspect.

I grouped the words web, hosting, servers, server into domain and hosting. Of course along with many others with which the client values the performance of the servers and their satisfaction with the website.

Percentage of positive opinions

In the table you can see how the percentage of positive opinions decreases from the first place to the last. In the case of OVH, it does not meet the criteria of having more than 30 reviews, but I have included it because the percentage of negative opinions is surprising. This is something that I personally want to continue investigating and corroborating on other independent sites.

Radia's case

Ads and search results on Google

I have read the ads and the top 10 Google results for the phrase best hosting. That's why I was very surprised when I found the name Radia in the first place. Because that company is not mentioned in any of the ads, nor in the first 10 results of Google.

I wasn't surprised to find SiteGround, Hostinger, and Webempresa in the top five hosting. But I was surprised to find Euroserver, because it doesn't appear in the results either. The other surprise was finding Sered in the penultimate position, because he is in the top three on several lists.

Please don't forget that I am not affiliated with any hosting company. I am not recommending Radia, or any other company, I am only looking for the best hosting according to the opinion of its clients.


Radia is the hosting company that achieves the highest rating according to the opinions of its clients. It has 77 reviews on Trustpilot of which 76 are 5.0/5.0 and only one is 4.0/5.0. But that is not all. Let's see the "worst" opinion about Radia. He says: "very attentive always your quality service". In other words, the only opinion that is not 5.0 says that they are always very attentive and that their service is of quality. That is why Radia turns out to be the best hosting in this analysis of 4450 opinions about 14 companies.


At the moment, none. Just a huge desire to continue this research. Share the results and read your comments and suggestions if you have any.

Do you have any opinion about Radia or another hosting? Do you have any opinion or doubt about the procedure I have used?

If you are a client of any of these 14 companies, do you think these results reflect the reality of the experience you have had? Are you aware of the value of your opinion to continuously improve our customer experience? Have you already written on Truspilot, HostAdvice, GoogleMaps or any other review site?

I clarify that I am not an affiliate of any opinion site either. I'm just an entrepreneur who has read a lot of negative opinions about hosting companies and I don't want to make a mistake in this important step of choosing the best hosting for my website.


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