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The best hosting according to clients and analysts

Here we are talking about an elusive concept. I search in Google and only on the first page of results I find more than 10 rankings. In each one the best hosting is different. Some are based on experiments, others on supplier data, and others on customer feedback. But each one has its own starting list, its own comparison criteria and its results for the best hosting.

I am an entrepreneur, I am creating a digital business, I have no knowledge of web hosting or web hosting. But I need to make a right decision that I won't regret in the next three years. Because it is the minimum time necessary for my company to mature.

I can't be changing hosting providers, or continually calling customer service because the site is inaccessible. How do I process all the available information, include my comparison criteria and find the best hosting?

So… how do I find the best hosting?

From each ranking I extract at most the first 20 places. Some rankings have less than 20 companies. With this I have made a list that already has 58 hosting companies. The condition to enter my list is to appear in one of the first 20 places in a ranking of opinion sites or in an analyst ranking.

I have included the first 10 pages of Google results for my search. For each company I calculate a hosting rank adding 20 points for each first place you have obtained, 19 for each second and so on up to 1 point for each 20th place.


Every time I include a new group of 20 the final ranking varies. But as the number of groups included increases, the results become more stable. I hope to reach at least 30 groups so that the ranking stabilizes in such a way that I can speak of a consensus between analysts and clients about which is the best hosting.

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These are the 10 companies that have achieved the highest hosting rank in the information gathered so far. According to this information, the best hosting is Hostinger because it has reached 4 first places out of 10 possible. In other words, in the 40% of the rankings consulted, Hostinger is in first place.

Limitation of results

I'm collecting more sites until I reach a number where I can talk about a consensus among analysts and customers about what is the best hosting. In each of the 10 sites consulted the places are different.

Let's look at the top three rankings posted on each of these sites.

For example, Hostinger gets first place only in the rankings of softwarelab, empridaralia, hostingvictory international and truspilot. Webempresa is the best hosting only in aulacm and in the hostingvictory ranking for Spain.

In summary, if I stay with a single opinion. Which one do I keep? My hypothesis is that as the number of sites included in this search increases, the ranking will stabilize and the best hosting will emerge as a consensus between analysts and clients.

Therefore, this result is not final yet and I will continue to include sites until I reach a stable ranking.

What do you think of this approach in the search for the best ranking?

Do you have any suggestion?

How do you find the best hosting among so many different criteria?

Believe me, I would like to hear your comments on this topic among so many rankings, analysis, reviews, and opinions.


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