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The best hosting can achieve excellence in 2021

The best hosting each year increases the number of 5.0 rating reviews on Truspilot and decreases the number of 1.0 ratings. It withstood tremendous growth in demand in 2020 and increased the number of positive reviews it received.

So far this year, the 95% of the opinions on the best hosting is 5.0 and only the 5% is 4.0. Therefore, in the first quarter of 2021 it has not received any negative opinion on Truspilot.

If this trend continues, in 2021 the best hosting must achieve excellence in services.

Do you know which hosting company I mean?

Annual average rating of the best hosting

The annual average rating has been above 4.8 since 2017. It reached its minimum in 2019. Then in 2020 it had its all-time high and in the first quarter of 2021 it has managed to stay above 4.9.

Figure 1

Number of reviews per year

The number of opinions on the best hosting experienced a growth of 140% in 2020. That year the number of opinions increased from 34 in 2019 to 82 in 2021. This growth coincided with the increase in demand experienced by all internet services in the 2020.

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, it has already received 37 opinions, so if this trend continues, the year should end with more than 90.

Will this year reach a new record in the number of opinions and average rating?

graph 2

The consensus of clients and analysts

If you google the best hosting and you review at least the first 10 search results you will find different rankings. However, in their 40% there is a company that is in first place. This is the best for me, because it is the one with the highest number of first places.

Are you looking for the best hosting?

If, like me, you are in a sincere search on the subject, I invite you to comment on this article or any of the others in this series. I am not affiliated with any hosting company. I am an entrepreneur and I have already spent a whole month looking for the best hosting before deciding on one.

I thank you for mustering the patience to read them and I will gladly read your comments, opinions and any information that will help me find the best option…

Do you already know which I have called the best hosting in this article?


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